Hamilton's Wedding DJ


How much do you cost?

Because our packages are custom tailored to your event, and various other factors contribute to cost, it is best to call or fill out the online booking form and a quote can be supplied to you.

Do you require a deposit?

Yes, to reserve your date, a minimum $200 deposit is required at the time of booking.

Any extra charges?

No, Next Generation Party is completely upfront with all pricing.   The only extra charge that may be incurred is overtime (asking the DJ towards the end of your event to stay longer), which is at a rate of $60/hour.

Can we come see you DJ?

For weddings, unfortunately no.   It is inappropriate to have guests of the DJ show up to a wedding.   For bar/bat mitzvah's and other events it can sometimes be arranged, however it is always based on the approval of the host, therefore it isn't a guarantee.

Are you interactive?

Yes, depending on the event and the wishes of the client, we can be as interactive as you would like.   For Bar/Bat Mitzvah's your DJ will interact with all the guests, playing games, dance contests, prizes, and being social to get the crowd in the spirit of the party.   At weddings, our DJ can MC and host your event, or just be used as an announcer.

Can you meet with us to explain details?

It is our policy to meet with all our valued clients before their event to make sure they understand how we work and to customize the experience.

How much experience will my DJ have?

Your DJ will always have at least 10 years experience working at the type of event you are booking.   He will know how to read a crowd and change the style of music to suit the needs of the event.

Are you licensed?

Yes, we are AVLA (Audio-Video Licensing Agency) licensed and belong to CPDJA (Canadian Professional Disc Jockey Association) and CDJA (Canadian Disc Jockey Association).

What time do you arrive to setup?

Typically, access to the premises 1 hour prior to the start time will be necessary for setup, and approximately ½ hour after the event for tear-down.   Depending on your package size, these times could vary.

How many songs are in your music library?

There are over 30,000 songs in Next Generation Party's digital library, which means the entire collection comes on site, to every event. How is this possible you ask?   Next Generation Party is a completely digital mobile disc jockey solution, one of the first and only mobile disc jockey's to adapt to this exciting technology.   Gone are the days of scratched and skipping CD's.   The superior quality and reliability of digital music is the Next Generation.

Do you take requests?

Of course we do!   And the massive on-site library improves the possibility of having your guest's requests.   By creating a play list of a few specific songs you would like to hear it will ensure they will be available to play on the day of your event.

What will our DJ wear?

Your DJ will wear business casual clothing during setup, and during the event is strictly suit and tie.

What is your policy on explicit lyrics or songs we hate?

If it is known before hand that lyrics should be censored, then either censored versions of the songs will be played or not played at all.   If you have a Do Not Play List, it will certainly be abided by.

Do you match the prices from your competitors?

Sometimes, depending on the company that is up for comparison and what type of services they offer.   Some of the competition does not offer the same quality of equipment, performance, professionalism, and experience.   Be weary of cheap prices.   They easily translate to quality.   In most cases, within the DJ business, the bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.

Do you have backup equipment?

Yes we do, and in most cases we will have it on-site for quick swaps.   Otherwise, offsite replacement gear is easily accessible, which means your party will be back up and running in no time.

Is your music up to date?

Countless hours are spent researching and keeping up to date with the current Top 40 and new releases, as well as classic hits and current remixes.



To a lot of people, the music service you hire for the reception can "make or break" your wedding reception. Therefore, it is important to hire a reputable, professional company. You may have to pay a little more than you would the less experienced DJ's or a "friend of a friend" , but when you compare the cost of your wedding to the cost difference between the cheap services and even the most expensive DJ services, it's a small percentage for the peace of mind that professional quality can offer.

Your DJ should offer you suggestions to make your evening unique. Tell him/her if you want non-stop music, or you require one or more breaks. Inform him /her of any special songs or music you require and when you would like them played. Provide names of any guests who may be celebrating birthdays or, in particular, anniversaries even if they are a month away.

Everyone you invite deserves a good time and requires that the dance music is at a sensible volume so people can talk at their tables without having to leave the room. Too often, DJ's use sound equipment that is just too small to produce good sounding music, and the screeching noise drives the older guests away. They should prove to you that they have the equipment to suit the size of your hall with the capacity to play clear undistorted music. Also, the music should be suited to your guests, not the DJ. Your DJ must have the experience to present it all in a smooth fashion.

To ensure reliability ask your prospective DJ if he/she is a member of the Canadian Disc Jockey Association and if he or she carries back-up equipment. Dress codes and drinking habits should be of concern to you. Make sure to obtain a written contract. No one likes to see a problem develop, but if you face reality, you'll realize it can happen to you! Without a written contract, you have no legal recourse if something does go wrong.

Make sure the DJ you select is out-going and personable. Remember, your reception depends, not only on the music your DJ plays but on how he /she can make the guests feel comfortable and get up from their tables and dance. And don't be tempted to cut expenses by getting your cousin to play the music. Many a reception has been ruined by the use of a DJ that was too bashful to speak and played music on home equipment that didn't carry in a big hall.

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